Remove the doubt, the dread & the frustration as a life coach

What if you could facilitate life long shifts in your clients and change their reality?
Every. Single. Time.

Distinguish yourself as a coach with Infinite Reach Hypnosis Method.



Being an extraordinary coach is not easy. 

Creating transformation and delivering results to clients is challenging.

I don’t have to tell you how hard it is to stand out in a sea of coaches, and claim your expertise like a pro.

Especially with stubborn clients who self-sabotage at home, all the great work you do in a session together. 

That’s about to change!

You can now carve out a unique niche that never existed for yourself as a coach.

And facilitate results that cannot be sabotaged. 

You can 10X your results as a coach, in as little as 1 hour to 14 days! 

No idea what I’m talking about?

How would you like to …

Bypass the critical mind – one that always says “you can’t” , “you won’t” 

and access the subconscious mind – the part within us that is powerful, confident and is limitless!

What if you had a fool proof method  that works with all your clients?


Hypnosis is the most effective and fastest route to solve emotional issues

  • Psychoanalysis: 38% recovery after 600 sessions 
  • Behavior therapy: 72% recovery after 22 sessions
  • Hypnotherapy: 93% recovery after only 6 sessions!


With Infinite Reach Hypnosis Method, I have seen my clients emerge from hypnosis:

🙋🏽‍♀️ Seeing life in an new light

🙋🏽‍♀️Having shed emotional baggage completely

🙋🏽‍♀️ Feeling light as if a huge burden has been lifted off their shoulders

🙋🏽‍♀️ And ready to take inspired action without the old negativity holding them back


Want your clients to text you things like this after just one session?


If you want to make a powerful impact in your clients life and you want to do it FAST (in as little as just one session), and have them coming back for more progress to move onwards and upwards in their life, career and business…


Consider the extraordinary power of adding the Infinite Reach Hypnosis Method to your coaching tool kit

I have developed a system that gets clients to uncover the deep rooted cause within minutes without having to worry about whether the client will get the result they came to you for, you can have true lasting impact on client’s life in as little as ONE session even if you know nothing about psychology and have never personally gone through what the client is.

 The Infinite Reach Hypnosis Method


You using hypnosis in a niche unique to you, with your unique talents, experiences

This is what we teach in Infinite Reach Hypnosis Academy. It’s not just a certification in hypnotherapy. 

We focus on each student, their gifts, their talents. 

We believe in personalized education. One that supports students to thrive both in their profession and everyday life. To live life fully, with a peaceful heart and a playful spirit. All the while creating impact through their work that follows divine abundance.  

Which is why our students excel in their craft as coaches & hypnotherapists. They go on to enroll new clients and sign retaining clients effortlessly. 

With the Infinite Reach hypnosis method, they  are able to facilitate results in their clients lives, and their clients love them! They get referred to their clients, friends and families. 


Infinite Reach Hypnosis Method is a simple framework which uses hypnotherapy as the main tool. But it is also not a framework because it is fluid. You get to design your sessions, be present with your clients and let the infinite intelligence support you and your client. 

Which is why you don’t need personal experience to help a client. 

Let me ask you this:

If there was a way to get clients to reach their target that they are seeking your help with and you don’t have to to rely on your personal experience, or a cookie cutter blueprint you learnt in a course? 

B’cause when that happens the result includes feeling like a fraud cos you don’t know if you can help this human.. 

But instead, you can have a flexible & fluid, go-to framework that you use with every client and have them see results in as little as ONE hour 

And this is possible even if the client is not taking action, resisting your work or EVEN IF you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing.. 

Would you take it?

Because now you can…

What if I told you….

→ That there was a breathtakingly easy way to lead clients to results in EVERY SINGLE SESSION 


→ That You won’t even have to have any kind of related experience with the issue the client is dealing with… but still can confidently say YES I CAN help with that problem


→ You don’t even need to have your life & business 100% figured out to be able to help and CHARGE MONEY for your work!


→ That all it takes to have clients see results and sing your praises all over town is to have a fluid framework


→ That those who have this framework and get trained to practice it are rewarded with 100% client success rates, and referrals and re-enrollments from clients ?


All of this is possible! 


I want the same benefits for you.

I want you to have clients who see results because of your work, clients who sign up to work with you because they can’t wait ..  and have clients who get you business through word of mouth. 



Infinite Reach Hypnosis Globally Recognized Hypnotherapy Certification

♦ It gives you the confidence to NEVER feel even a strand of self-doubt (buh-bye imposter syndrome)


♦ It gives you all the resources & practical skills to help clients transform their LIFE STORY within a very short period of time (think super high impact)


♦ Without the need to be perfect in your life 


♦ Without the need to spend years of study & learning but finally be able to call yourself  THE EXPERT


In as little as 120 days!


℘ Even if you feel like an imposter

℘  Even if you don’t have a fancy psychology degree

℘  Even if you’ve never helped a client overcome deep rooted issues and don’t think you can help them in one session


Seems impossible right?

Allow me to introduce…


Kerrie went from £50 income in her business to earning £1,500- £2,000 month! (Before even completing the program)


Let’s get real.

Being a hypnotherapist is not for everyone. Neither is being a coach.

You have to :

  • Be empathetic, kind, and be a great listener
  • Be self aware and seek personal growth
  • Enjoy helping others, guide them to greatness by helping them see their own potential

And it takes great entrepreneurial passion to build a successful private practice, a coaching business that is thriving with clients who love you.

Practicing hypnosis for over 11 years, working with clients and building a private hypnosis practice has been a very spiritual journey for me.

When I first started, I  struggled with my own mental barriers like lacking the self confidence to even say out loud I was a hypnotherapist.

I just didn’t like the looks I got – “what the hell is that?” – “Sounds like you’re scamming people”, were real comments I got from people who are very close to me.

I don’t blame them.

What do they know about hypnosis? What do they know about the power of the subconscious mind.

It was my job to educate them. And so I did.

Today, all those people who laughed are using my hypnosis audios. And I have built a thriving business working with people from all sorts of professions and walks of life, from around the world.

I have managed to design a life for myself where I wake up excited for the day, every single morning. Where work doesn’t feel like work at all. Where work is deep, philosophical and spiritual conversations with amazing human beings.

♥ If you are also looking for a change of career… looking to design YOUR ideal life and live everyday with purpose, intention and growth…

♥  If you are looking to uplevel your coaching mastery and add a skill set that cannot and will not fail you in leading clients to effective results…

♥ If you are looking to build a spiritually aligned business while helping others…

♥ If you are ready to completely change your life by doing deep subconscious work on yourself too


This is what’s included in the IRHA’s Hypnotherapy Certification

Hypnotherapy Training 

  • Hands on skills
  • Starting using with clients right away
  • Credentials – Certified Hypnotherapist
  • Certification & Credentials from International Association of Counselors & Therapists

Mindset Training 

  • Overcome your own inner barriers
  • Re-program your mind be a confident coach and a hypnotherapist
  • Change your wealth consciousness and money story 
  • Program your mind for success and abundance

Business Training 

  • Start building your business even before receiving the certification
  • Work with paying clients within 3-4 months


It doesn’t end there


→ It’s a LIVE face to face program

→ Live training and weekly coaching via zoom

→ Scripts and templates

→ Super high-touch support & accountability

→ FREE ticket to LIVE workshop in NYC (held virtually as well)

All of this could well be worth

Over $15,000.

You can get certified anywhere, 

but will NOT get Mindset training + Business Training + 

Live coaching to succeed! 

Good thing this program is not $15k or $20k.

In fact not even a half of that!

And still giving you 10X more value, more impact, more results.

Right now, you can become a 

Certified Hypnotherapist and 

be a member of the International Association of Counselors & Therapists… 

for ONLY $5,000.

Easy payment plans makes it even more accessible. 

You get lifetime access to:

All hypnotherapy, mindset and business training and all bonus resources. 




Bonuses Include:

♦ Access to the Magnetic Money Mindset program – heal all your negative money stories and increase your wealth consciousness.. Start attracting more wealth, more abundance

♦ Access to Inner Child Healing Program – release the hurt, the drama and the trauma from the past

♦ 1 year FREE membership to the International Association of Counselors & Therapists

♦ 90-min Private hypnosis session!  (Value $700)

→ If all this program did was give you the CONFIDENCE to show up for your people and CHARGE YOUR WORTH 

→ Or get you from feeling like a fraud to signing new clients consistently and confidently

→ Or finally allow you to break free from lackluster client results that are not very exciting neither sticking 


Would you take it? 



This is a 7 month hands on experiential certification program. 

This Hypnotherapy Certification from the Infinite Reach Hypnosis Academy will:

🔵 Teach you everything you need to practice hypnotherapy with clients

🔴 Get you a world recognized certification to practice as a certified hypnotherapist from the International Association of Counsellors & Therapists

🔵 Give you mentorship, coaching and accountability to practice hypnotherapy confidently and build a successful income generating private practice

🔴 Guide with mindset mastery for yourself to become a successful coach, hypnotherapist and a business owner who impacts the world and also lives the best life you can possibly can dream of

As you consider this investment of time, money and effort in an advanced training for yourself and your business…

… look in to what others who have done this same work have to say about hypnosis:


With our hypnosis certification program, you’ll learn exactly how to use hypnosis with clients from the moment you start marketing yourself to signing clients, and until they achieve their expected results and refer you to their friends and family.

Let’s get specific about what the Infinite Reach Hypnosis Academy offers when you enroll in the certification program:

  • An Incomparable Certification


Complete 7 months of training. It is an interactive video-based training program combined with a hands-on experiential 2 full day workshops (for free-no additional cost!). You’ll get the practical skills and knowledge to practice hypnotherapy as a certified hypnotherapist an internationally recognized certification from the International Association of Counsellors & Therapists.

  • 3 Packages of Bonus Material


We’ve packed this program with worksheets, guides and scripts. But it doesn’t end there. You get 1 full year of membership to the International Association of Counsellors & Therapists, access to my Magnetic Money Attraction hypnosis program so you can transform your money story and increase your wealth consciousness, access to Heal Your Inner Child hypnosis program so you can step up & manifest the success you desire without old programming weighing you down. All bonuses are designed to help you succeed in all areas of business.

  • Deep dive group coaching calls


Mindset and business strategy are all important to building a thriving business that can fully support you and feels purposeful and meaningful too. You will receive weekly group calls to get clear on your specific struggles and move forward with passion and excitement.

  • In built business training + group and guided hypnosis


Elevate further in your endeavors. Empowering our students to sign clients while being enrolled is our mission. And the mindset mastery training and business training are designed to do just that.

  • Ongoing mentorship & guidance


Students will have the opportunity to receive the certification in as soon as 4 months. But there will be ongoing coaching and guidance to set up a strong foundation in both practicing hypnosis and running a business.


This program is advanced. It’s for those who’re serious about building a soulful, spiritually aligned business helping others. It’s for coaches who are ready to stop hustling and start being more impactful, more efficient in their coaching and be rewarded for it with higher income.

This program is a fantastic fit for:

  • NEW COACHES who want to confidently work with clients without ever worrying about imposter syndrome and lead clients to greatness


  • ESTABLISHED COACHES who want to add a new skill set to their coaching toolbox to help clients with fast and effective results with a proven blueprint


  • FULL-TIME PROFESSIONALS  who want to change careers or earn an extra income on the side with a  spiritually aligned, intentional and purposeful business helping others

In this certification program, I’m revealing everything I have learned on hypnosis, mindfulness, creating a successful coaching and hypnosis practice, and designing a life that is blissful.. Not stressful.

I want to show that this is possible. You CAN create a thriving business, run a profit generating business and create inner bliss… if you leverage the right methods…  If you immerse yourself in the right education. If you commit to self-growth.

If you’re ready to up level your skillset, create impact and let income follow don’t wait for “Some Day”. Don’t wait for the magic day when you suddenly have time or something falls from the sky to make it work for you.


You have the proof my material works. You’ve seen the results. 


If not now, then when? 


If not this program, is there anything else that will change your mind? 


The decision is up to you. 


As always, in an year from now, you’re going to be an year older. Will you be the high impact, abundant coach then?


You’re one step away from changing your life


Yes, it can be confusing. Of COURSE it’s a little overwhelming. But it’s SUPPOSED to be hard. It’s also supposed to be easy!

Follow your intuition. Follow what feels right, and good to you. 


When handed a map to navigate towards greatness, will you take it? Or will you get around to it “later” — and let the greatest opportunity fall away?


What a shame to stay stagnant. What a shame to not make a difference in your own life, in your community, and perhaps even the world around you!. 

and one day, to realize our best years are behind us.


Now, if this certification is genuinely not for you, I respect that.


But if it is — if you really want a coaching or a holistic healing practice where you make a difference in peoples lives, and you know there’s something inside of you that you’ve been waiting to share with the world — it’s time to decide.






This certification program comes with my no-questions asked, 30-day money back guarantee

If your application is accepted and you choose to join the program, and you don’t LOVE the program, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. Let me tell you why.

I invite you to learn the complex subconscious mind, how to access it for yourself and guide others to do the same. To release old programming and rewire the brain for new thought & behavioral patterns. All I ask is to get behind your decision to live a fulfilling, abundant life while making a difference in other people’s lives. I’m confident you’ll be impressed by this program and what you will take out of it. 

I built this Infinite Reach Hypnosis Method over YEARS, after studying hypnotherapy with the National Guild of Hypnotherapists, the International Dental & Medical Hypnosis Association, with the International Association of Counselors  therapists, and my own spiritual journey for 30+ years. Nobody else has what is offered in this certification program. 

This program isn’t just a certification on hypnotherapy (though the credentials you receive will support you immensely). It’s about truly living a fulfilling life, while making a difference in the world. It’s not just a professional qualification or acquisition of a skillselt. It’s a spiritual and growth journey. It’s about trly understanding how to impact the world around you. It’s about behavioral & thought pattern change, coming home to the Inifite Source  — my life’s work. 

And meanwhile you acquire the skillset as a hypnotherapist, if I can help you get new clients… or feel a sense of ease… or feel supported in your journey… I consider it a job well done. 

So here’s my simple offer: If you don’t LOVE this program, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. It’s simple: Join the program and see for yourself.

What does the curriculum look like? 

Week 1:

    • Orientation + Mindset work for success
    • Hypnosis : Intro to Hypnosis
    • Mindset : Vision + Blissful Life Design 

Week 2

      • Hypnosis : Historical Overview & Practical Lessons
      • Mindset : Study Skills, Concentration & Memory for Effective Learning 

Week 3

    • Hypnosis : Laws of suggestion, pre-induction protocol
    • Mindset : Success Mindset + Time Management   

Week 4: OFF


Week 1:

    • Hypnosis: Using Metaphors, Analogies, Aphorisms, Programming the Client
    • Business: Packaging, Pricing & Positioning Your Offers

Week 2:

    • Hypnosis: Working With Clients, First & Subsequent Sessions, Intake & Release Forms
    • Business: Doing Consultation Calls & Selling Your Offer

Week 3:

  • Hypnosis: Advanced Inductions
  • Mindset: Client Attraction

Week 4: OFF

Week 1:

    • Hypnosis: Case studies
    • Business: Personal Outreach

Week 2:

    • Hypnosis: Case Studies
    • Business: Live streaming to reach clients & Off-line marketing
    • Mindset: Video Confidence

Week 3:

  • Hypnosis: Case studies
  • Business: Creating Hypnosis audios

Week 4: OFF

Week 1:

    • Hypnosis: Learn through case work

Week 2:

    • Hypnosis: Learn through case work

Week 3:

  • Final class


Week 1:

    • Hypnosis: Suggestibility Testing, Intro to Inductions
    • Business:  Story Telling For Market Positioning 
    • Mindset: Wealth Consciousness 

Week 2:

    • Hypnosis: Hypnotic Inductions, Trance Recognition & Deepening 
    • Business:  Choosing Your Business Model

Week 3:

    • Hypnosis: Hypnosis With Children, Hypnosis For Weight Loss, Smoking Cessation, Stress Management, Self Confidence 
    • Mindset: Confidence for Business Mastery & Become a Great Hypnotist

Week 4: OFF

Week 1:

    • Hypnosis: Hypnotic Pain Management

      Ethics & Professionalism

    • Business: Creating an Opt-in

Week 2:

      • Hypnosis: Advanced hypnosis for body syndromes, phobias, parts work, inner child & 17-step hypnotherapy process

Week 3: Experiential Workshop

Week 4: OFF


Week 1:

    • Hypnosis: Case Studies
    • Business: Setup application & scheduling system

Week 2:

      • Hypnosis: Case studies
      • Business: Growth Strategy

Week 3: 

  • Hypnosis: Case studies
  • Business:

    Blissful CEO

Week 4: OFF


Our hypnotherapy program offers you credentials from a world recognized professional body – International Association of Counsellors & Therapists. 

On top of the hypnotherapy training, you also receive in depth business training to build a successful private practice that attracts clients consistently to make a living as a hypnotherapist. We cover digital marketing, off line marketing and offer business mentorship as well as hypnosis guidance so that you can work with clients confidently. This program offers the accountability and high touch support to ensure your success both as a hypnotherapist and a business owner, 

For class of 2023, early application deadline is October 11th, 2022. 

Early applications are eligible for 40% discount on tuition and will receive 2 complimentary 90 minute private hypnosis sessions. 

Secondary Application deadline is November 11th, 2022 and is eligible for 20% discount on tuition and will receive one complimentary 90 minute private session. 

Final deadline is December 30th, 2022.   

Orientation and first module is released on January 2nd, The first live training via zoom will be January 7th, 2023. 

You will receive access to the exclusive bonus courses within 24 hours of enrolling. 

There are 3 weekly live coaching calls for the 7 month duration of the program. Calls will be scheduled for on Saturdays on the first 3 weeks of each month, at 1 PM – 4 PM EST (with expception of holidays)

You will get the opportunity to ask questions and get your individual questions answered during the live coaching calls and during workshops. No question goes unanswered. 

Yes. We encourage students to work with clients from the get go. And the modules include practice sessions. You also get hands on experience to practice your skills under the careful guidance of an experienced hypnotherapist during the live workshops. 

Yes. You may withdraw within the first month of the program. No refunds offered after the first month. 

Additional costs depend on how you want to set up your business. Actual certification does not cost anything extra.

You will receive the credentials to practice as a certified hypnotist or certified hypnotherapists depending on your prior training background & the specific laws and regulations of your country/state.

4 months. The curriculum is set in a way so that you can start practicing in as soon as 4 months.  The following month’s curriculum helps you build on that hypnosis knowledge and build your business. 

The program is 7 months. 

You have lifetime access to the program. 

The certification is granted after completing the live workshop. 

Yes, the certification is valid in the US and worldwide. There may be be other regulations different to each country and state. For example, certain states do not allow the usage of “therapist”, in such cases you must only refer to yourself as a certified hypnotist unless you have a license to practice as a therapist. Countries outside of the US may require additional education or have various laws and regulations. Students are required to adhere to the laws and regulations of their location.  

To practice hypnosis with clients this is the only training you may need. However, this not a license to counseling or to practice therapy. There are certain limitations and boundaries of practice if you do not have a counseling or therapy license. But if your purpose is to help clients within the sphere of  self-improvement, and not medical, this training is all you need. 

International Association of Counselors & Therapists. 

This certification is recognized worldwide. However, you are encouraged to research the laws in your area. 

Upon completion of this program, you will receive a beautiful certificate with your credentials both form the International Association of Counselors & Therapists & from the Infinite Reach Hypnosis Academy. 

No. In most states in the United States and in most countries, our program is all you need.


Prinicipal Hypnotherapy Trainer: